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The Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt
The Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt

Ionel Mohîrță (born on the February 2nd, 1962 in Râmnicu Sărat) is a Romanian psychosociologist, the founder of sonoluminescent psychology. He studied psychology at Bucharest University, has a PhD in psychology, Associate Professor at "Danubius" University, and is the Vicepresident of The European Association of Transpersonal Psychology, President of the Romanian Association of Transpersonal Psychology and the editor at the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology.

Picture with Stanislav Grof, Transpersonal Psychology founder
Picture with Stanislav Grof, Transpersonal Psychology founder

He specializes in regression therapy, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, information analysis and synthesis and Pneuma breathwork and has developed a life long experimental and theoretical research in Psychothanatology. After he published the psychothanatological study “Vibrația Eternă a Sufletului” (The Eternal Vibration of the Soul) in 2003, he conducted research on the influence of light and sound on the human personality.

In order to broaden this new psychological interpretation, he established the Theory of Sonoluminescent Conscious Pulsations, published in 2005 in his book „Calea Sufletului. O incursiune în realitatea profundă” (The Path of the Soul. A Journey into Profound Reality). The theory develops a new connection between fields of quantum, consonantiste and synergistic psychology, defining the human psyche as a resonance of sonoluminescent pulsations.

The central idea follows the possibility of representing the human soul as a result of the coupling between light and sound and grows further through theoretic research and mental experiments as the central thesis of the theory, according to which the sonoluminescent soliton pulsations in the human body act as a basis for the conscious phenomena.

The thesis is supported by nine psycho-quantum principles:

1. The principle of the adequate psychic medium / 2. The principle of the space-temporal reflexive perception / 3. The principle of the resonance of the solitonic sonoluminescent pulsing / 4. The principle of the coherent overlapping of the holograms as matrixes

5. The principle of the self-organization of the conscious radiations / 6. The principle of the permanent energetic activation / 7. The principle of communication by vortex / 8. The principle of the radiant bio-feedback / 9. The psychothanatologic principle.

These principles become functional through five psycho-quantum operations:

1. The resonance of the psychical pulsing / 2. The space-temporal informational acquisition / 3. The permanent radiant tension / 4. Protected informational communication / 5. Non-specific communications (e.g. love, compassion, etc) 

Gathering the theoretical and experimental information obtained in previous work, Ionel Mohîrţă started a comprehensive research through his doctoral thesis “Sonoluminescent Psychology. A Project of Quantum Psychology” (2011), translated into English in 2013, bringing forward a new area of research in psychology for scientific debate. 

This research resorts to a method of recording video and computer analysis of optical radiation and human biological emissions, driven by stimulation of the electric field and amplified by gas discharge. The researcher used the GDV Camera, camera invented by Professor PhD. K. Korotkov, Head of the Department of Physics and Optics of the University of St. Petersburg (Russia) in 1995.

This initiated three studies with the purpose of testing how the patterns of the human energoinformational fluorescence matrix are influenced by three types of psychotherapies: Unified Experiential Psychotherapy (UEP), Melotherapy and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).

Each of the three studies aims to validate the same assumptions about the impact that the aforementioned psychotherapies create through the dislocation of stress generated patterns, on the brightness of the physical and emotional body, the position of the chakras (listed as centers of consciousness) and the restructuring aura (electrophotonic field). 

The effects observed in the field of psychotherapy and the human electrophotonic body led to ground-breaking information in psychological literature. Furthermore, looking into how certain pathogenic electrophotonic matrices are leaving the field under the influence of psychotherapeutic techniques using the reduction of the stress index.

The thorough development of this method of psychodiagnosis for the first time in Romania aims to help each therapist during psychotherapy. The dynamic of the phenomena obtained at the end of this research revealed that through the psychotherapeutic intervention spectral thoughts can be developed, which have the ability to modify the electrophotonic configuration of the human being.

This, in turn, leads to a state of altered consciousness, with a benefic influence on the psychoneuroimmunology connection, which results in an optimization of the bioelectrical age, respectively, a strengthening of physical and mental health of the individual. Hence, through the developed experiments, Ionel Mohîrță presents the dynamic of sonoluminescent phenomena found in a human being, under diverse applied psychic strains.

This dynamic leads to a new example of sonoluminescent hygiene with the purpose to optimize the human bioelectrical age. In this paper, the author has developed and defined a series of new concepts such as: spectral thought, sonoluminescent psychology, sonoluminescent emotion, sonoluminescent will, sonoluminescent memory, sonoluminescent speech, sonoluminescent imagination, sonoluminescent consciousness, mental superposition.

In early 2015 that author develops the Sonoluminescence Psychotherapy as a set of psychological techniques to rebalance the light energy field , it synergizes it by eliminating traumaticrecords in this field and removes the traumatic effects of daily stress and deep traumatic memory footprints.

This holistic psychotherapy recovers ancient techniques of perennial wisdom for optimizing the soul and spirit by submitting them to scienctific testing, and is a quantum psychotherapy based on the power of intent which helps to raise levels of awareness, cultivating emotional balance, recovery of virtues and achieving peace of mind.

Since recovering virtues equals the recovery of consciousness and the recovery of light coherence is the equivalent of recovering consciousness, this psychotherapy is an aid to psychosocial psychopathological problems. The Quantum Psychodiagnosis of the evolution of the field through the use of devices and levels of consciousness questionnaire presents a psychotherapeutic scientific monitoring of the whole process.

Sonoluminescence Psychotherapy is a basic training in psychotherapy because it has a clinical part, a transpersonal part and self developmnet. It uses the latest scientific studies and the most important legacies of traditional methods around the world who have proven their effectiveness for millennia. The objectives of this psychotherapy are:

Increasing consciousness and conscience / Transforming destructive emotions in constructive emotions / Deleting traumatic records / Synergizing the activity of the light energy field / Sonoluminescence synergization of the relationship between the heart-brain fields / The Sonoluminescence cleaning of the centres of consciousness / Using the healing vibration of sound and light / Crystallization of inner light as a first step of feeding the spirit / Addressing imaginal level of the personal and collective unconscious, creating the Immortal Body of Light for the clinically healthy.

Thus, Sonoluminescence Psychology (the experimental teoretical side) and Sonoluminescence Psychotherapy (the application) were formed into a new paradigm in psychology by the opinions of several researchers in the field named in this site.

He is currently a PhD associate professor at Danubius University in Galați specializing in Psychology where he teaches the following disciplines - personality psychology, personality psychodiagnosis, genetics of human behavior and psychodiagnosis of skills and intelligence in the bachelor's program and the psychological dimension in security intelligence in the masters program . He actively participates in seminars, colloquia, conferences, organized in Romania and abroad, in the field of sonoluminescent and transpersonal psychology. Moreover, he is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist in Transpersonal Psychotherapy endorsed by The Romanian College of Psychologists.


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Psychosociologist Ionel Mohirta PhD

Graduate of the Faculty of Psychosociology INI Bucharest

Master in Analytical Psychotherapy

PhD, Doctor of Psychology

Member of the National Geographic Society (U.S.)

President of the Romanian Association of Transpersonal Psychology

Member of the Association of Psychologists Romania

Editor of the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology